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Promoting culturally-informed health, wellness and holistic healing.

Helping you understand, reach, and serve ethnically diverse communities in health and wellness, trauma-informed care, and intercultural engagement and service.


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Earn a certificate you can apply toward a Crown College degree program with ACTS Institute’s accessible, affordably-priced online learning. With ACTS Institute courses, you can better understand, reach, and serve ethnically diverse communities in matters of community health and wellness, trauma informed care, and intercultural engagement and service.

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How ACTS Institute works


We’ve partnered with Crown College, who’s been online for over 20 years, providing high-quality, education for lifelong learners. You can enroll in a Certificate Series to gain a robust perspective in a specialized area.

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Why courses with ACTS Institute?

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Culturally-informed health and wellness resources available to all in community-based settings–optimal environments for holistic healing.


100% Online

Instructor-led courses fully online, so you can learn right from your community.


Incorporates culturally-informed community health and wellness approaches in public health and human service initiatives.

About ACTS Institute

In October 2020, Allegheny Center Alliance Church (ACAC), an intentional ethnically diverse church in Pittsburgh, partnered with Crown College to launch ACTS Institute. ACTS was birthed out of the twin pandemics of 2020, i.e., Covid-19 and racial trauma/unrest, and the need for culturally informed approaches to address related health and wellness impacts, and need for acts of love and compassion to move us forward in ethnic-racial healing. Our core foundational response in both pandemics is the same, i.e., love God, love people as in the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) from which the concept of “Good Samaritan” is founded. Briefly, the Good Samaritan story emphasizes the need for all of us to be a good neighbor, show compassion for those who are ethnically different, and move forward in acts of sacrificial cross cultural caring to traumatized “others” we encounter along our respective journeys. Thus, when Covid-19 cases among refugee and immigrant groups in greater Pittsburgh started to rise, EMBRACE, a church-based refugee/immigrant ministry network, formalized a strategy called QUIET Covid-19 Care to QUickly Initiate Essential Testing to vulnerable ethnic minoritized communities. This campaign was adopted and launched by the Northside Christian Health Center (NSCHC) and funded by the Buhl Foundation (Phase I), Allegheny County Health Department (Phase II), and Healthcare Council of Western PA (Phase III) as a culturally informed, community education, outreach strategy and model for ethnic minorities, refugee and immigrant communities.  ACTS provided and continues to provide academic and training supports to QUIET Care initiatives. As Covid-19 highlighted health inequities among minoritized communities, the murder of George Floyd further traumatized African Americans (and others), fueled national debates around systemic racism, and reiterated the need to address other types of ethnic and racial inequities. Thus, in addition to the above strategies, ACTS champions the Good Samaritan ACTS of Healing awards which serves to fund initiatives that promote intra- and inter-cultural acts of healing, unity and wellness within diverse communities.

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ACTS offers courses that promote healing, unity and wellness within diverse communities. Select and enroll in your class (it takes less than 3 clicks!). Then, depending on the format of your class, you will either have instant access to all of your class content, or your course will have a noted start date and become available on a scheduled basis.

After completing your course you will receive a Certificate of Completion. With eligible courses, an 80% proficiency grade and Certificate of Completion can be applied as academic credit toward an undergraduate or graduate degree at Crown College.*

*Credits are transferrable to Crown College only. They will not count for other institutions.

Course format is Instructor-Led. On-Demand and webinar-format courses will be forthcoming.

Upon completing your course, you’ll receive a digital Certificate of Completion you can download. All earned certificates will stay with your ACTS Institute account. You’ll also earn a certificate upon completion of a course series.

Courses are designed to be taken one at a time in 8-week modules.

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